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Our team

What do we all have in common at Scolare? A deep fascination with Italian flavours and drinks, a good sense of humour and a desire to serve our guests in the best possible way. We already have our Franciacorta and antipasti ready – come and enjoy with us!

Pekka Terävä / Creative Director

“As early as 3,000 years ago, the Italians understood that everything you need for good food grows within 100 metres from you. All you need is three high-quality ingredients, such as tomatoes, mozzarella and olive oil. Nothing else is necessary.

When we started to design Scolare, it was clear from the start that the ingredients had to be top quality. Otherwise, we are just a cheap copy.”

Kirsi Kedonperä / Restaurant Manager

“The Italians have realised that life is short, so you should enjoy it to the fullest whenever possible. Food brings families and friends together every day. Eating together is much more than just satisfying your hunger. It’s a way of expressing love and caring. A welcome break that brings you joy in the middle of the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is the sense of community I want to create at Scolare. You can come here in the same way you come home or visit a friend – to have a laugh and take it easy for a while.”

Kalle Tanner / Head Chef

“Less is more. In my opinion, this applies perfectly to Italian cuisine. Simple cooking, but with insanely good ingredients. We have spent a great deal of time finding just the right producers for us in Italy. It’s difficult to name just one favourite ingredient, as there are so many excellent ones. However, I particularly like the olive oils we have chosen, because they are so versatile. Oil adds not only flavour but also structure to foods.”

Anni Langhoff / Assistant Restaurant Manager

“Italy is a wonderful food and wine country, and it’s hard to pick the best region. I am very familiar with the flavours of Piedmont. Its gems include Brasato al Barolo, beef stewed in Barolo red wine, and natural wines made from Ruchè and Grignolino grapes. A glass of cold Pecorino wine from the Abruzzo region always works as well. Everything begins with high-quality ingredients: fresh pasta, olive oil and tomatoes are all you need for a divinely delicious meal. A cosy atmosphere is an important part of enjoying your food – it’s exactly what I want to create at Scolare.”

Adrien Norwood / Chef

“Make it simple! We don’t want to make cooking overly complicated. I want to highlight the main flavour of each course. The aubergine is my favourite ingredient. It can be prepared in many ways – and the result is always delicious. My love for Italian cuisine was ignited as a young trainee in California, where I worked in a pizzeria and a traditional Italian restaurant. I have been to Italy many times. I want to offer the enjoyable experiences and memorable flavours here at Scolare.”

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