Fabianinkatu 19
00130 Helsinki

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Mon 5 pm to midnight
Tue–Fri 11.30 am to 2 pm
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Sat 3 pm to midnight

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Our Italy

Flavours that make you smile with happiness. Red wine traces on the table. Chatter that fills the room. Laughter that makes you wipe the corners of your eyes. Encounters that leave you feeling good. This is what Italy is all about – and what Ristorante Scolare and Enoteca Banco Vini are all about.

Only the best ingredients

Pecorino, mozzarella, prosciutto, culatello, pancetta, sardines, olives… Yes, please! Italy is a dream come true for lovers of food and wine. We knew exactly what kinds of ingredients we wanted for Scolare: perfect quality, the best taste and just the right amount of character. We have found the right farmers and perfect partners for us in Italy and Finland.

Sustainable choices

Saving electricity, recycling and minimising waste – these are some the ecological choices we make every day. For Scolare, we wanted furniture, lighting and tableware that had already been in use. For the kitchen, we chose smart appliances that save electricity. Some of our energy comes from solar panels installed on the roof. In addition, Scolare is located in a building that will be carbon neutral by the beginning of 2024.

Room for everyone!

The whole family is coming? Great! We have room! Let us know your preferences, and we’ll reserve the best place for you. Our wine bar, Banco Vini, is also available.

A great feeling

If you hear cheerful chatter when you open the door, you know you’ve come to the right place. Our Head Chef, Kalle, is in charge of the magic in the kitchen. Our Restaurant Manager, Kirsi, is responsible for the atmosphere in the dining room. Our Creative Director, Pekka, is responsible for ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience.