Our facilities


Fabianinkatu 19
00130 Helsinki

Opening hours

Mon 5 pm to midnight
Tue–Fri 11.30 am to 2 pm
and 5 pm to midnight
Sat 3 pm to midnight

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We have room!

An Italian-style party? A team meeting in a private room? A drink for yourself or dinner in good company, with all the time in the world? You have found the right place! Here at Scolare and Banco Vini, we have close to 200 seats – plenty of room for joyful dining and cosy lunch meetings.

Sala dining room

Located next to the kitchen, our dining room is made for cheerful get-togethers and laid-back lunches. Each table has a view of the kitchen and our wine bar, Banco Vini.

Dining room: 82 guests

Grande private room

Isossa kabinetissamme mahtuu viettämään niin pieniä häitä, kunnon synttäreitä kuin isoja kokouksiakin. Tunnelmallisesta kabinetista aukeaa näkymä Fabianinkadulle ja ravintolasaliimme, mutta halutessa tila voidaan rajata täysin yksityiseksi.

Juhlat: 26 vierasta
Kokoukset: 14 osallistujaa

Piccolo private room

Our smaller private room seats 18 people. The atmospheric room has a view of Fabianinkatu and our dining room, but it can also be used as a closed room.

Events: 18 guests
Meetings: 14 participants

Enoteca Banco Vini

Cosy seating around tables, squashy armchairs, long couches, art, brick walls – and the largest selection of Italian wines in town. Our wine bar is made for a relaxing time. No need to book a table: pop in for a drink and something to eat whenever you are overcome with a longing for Italy!

Wine bar: 60 guests